About the FPCA

Friends of Parents of Children with Autism

The FPCA is a small non-profit organisation of mothers of children with autism who struggled to find their children accepting schools in Nepal. They in turn decided to leave their careers and form their own school for their children. They believe that their children, like any other child, deserve a proper education, and they wish to give this opportunity to as many children and families as possible.


However, as a small group of moms, supporting more children is becoming increasingly difficult. With expensive teaching tools, sensory and therapeutic toys that can often only be bought over seas, they can only support a few children. As full time volunteers, they wish to hire additional staff and licensed therapists to help their children and others find their independence.

The FPCA has also only been able to provide their children with a light snack during lunch periods. They wish to provide a full, nutritious meal everyday.

We at Everest Designs wish to support the FPCA in their journey to create a full welcoming environment for Nepali children with autism. By the end of this year, the FPCA plans to take in four more children. This will bring the total children in their care from 9 to 13. We have pledged to give the FPCA $100 a month to continue their cause, but we need your help to do more. That's why starting June of 2019, with every purchase of an Everest Designs product, we will donate an additional $1 to the FPCA. Every dollar is enough to provide a child a full meal. We will also be accepting donations through our website* as well as an option to add an additional $1 to your purchase for the FPCA.


As a non-profit, the FPCA has very little funding to support even the children they have now. Here's what just a few dollars can do for the FPCA:

A Child's Light Snacks $0.50
A Child's Full Meal $1.00
 The Cost of One Child for a Day $2.50
A Child's Therapy Session $10.00
A Child's Uniform $25.00
The Cost of One Child for a Month $50.00
An Additional Staff Member for a Month $75.00
A Month of a Child's Therapy $85.00
A Month of Educational Materials $90.00
A Month of Therapy Materials $100.00
An Additional Educator for a Month $150.00
The Cost of School Facilities for a Month $225.00


Interested in donating? Become a part of our monthly donation to the FPCA. We at Everest Designs thank you for your support.

* Our eCommerce platform will take a small portion of $0.30 and 2.9% of every donation given without an additional purchase (fees from donations given with an additional purchase will be taken out of the product price). The rest will be set through Everest Designs to the FPCA as part of a lump sum. You will receive an email confirming your donation (if provided) and can receive addition information regarding your donation by contacting us at matt@everest-designs.com


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