Everest Designs collection of wool skirts and sweaters for men and women.


Everest Designs apparel is a combination of beautifully handmade wool skirts and sweater jackets. Our clothing, like our hats, is made with various blends of merino wool, offering a soft, warm, or light-weight item for indoor and outdoor wear.

Each skirt is Lycra lined for the beauty of hand-knitted wool with added comfort. The mix of wool and Lycra helps Everest skirts stay on your waste while also offering stretch. Our collection includes skirts with pockets, buttons, zippers, our signature tassels, adjustable waists, and a variety of lengths. Whether you're looking for a short miniskirt or the extra length of a long over the knee skirt, we have the look for you.

Our zip-up sweaters feature a thick merino wool exterior and a fleece, Sherpa fleece, or Lycra interior lining. Each sweater jacket has comfortably placed pockets and a lined hood. Coming in both men's and women's sizes, we have sweaters built to last a lifetime.