Everest Designs collection of mittens, handwarmers, scarves, bootcuffs, belts, bags and slippers.

Our items are beautifully handcrafted by Nepali artisans to bring you high-quality, long-lasting accessories to go with any outfit.

Hand-knitted handwear is handmade of thick merino wool and lined with fleece. We offer both full gloves and a fingerless glove option for a lighter, more freeing fit. We also have a combination glove-mitten or glommit for an interchangeable alternative.

Each scarf is made with a soft cotton/acrylic mix for a either a simple solid color or a more elaborate stripe or color-block design.

Our belts are an elastic, hole-less design for a belt that fits every time. The braided material hugs the waist but still provides a slight stretch between sitting and standing.

Our purses, satchels, and backpacks are uniquely their own with no two exactly alike. Each one is truly an original cotton/leather bag.

Everest slides are hand felted in Nepal with leather soles. The wool is water-wicking which makes our slides the perfect slipper for quick trips outside.

Each Everest Designs product is created with people in mind. We want wants best for our family and yours. We work hard to create a better life for our Nepalese artisans while creating beautiful knitwear for you. Try an Everest product today and get into the clouds.